Electric Thermal Storage

... and Canada's latest crop - Hemp and Cannabis - Save energy costs and improve the quality of your crop production! 

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Did you ever wonder where your energy is being used? Well now you will know with your Home Measurement System. View on line where you are using energy in real time on your computer or smart phone.

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Helping Canadians 

Save the Planet and SAVE Money 

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Solar & EV Chargers

Commercial Energy Savings Expertise in Heat Pump Technology in Hot Water.

Save Energy - Generate CLEAN Energy

How much energy are you using to heat your hot water?

Warm up your Home and Save Money

Residential Energy Savings High Efficient Heat Pumps for Electric or Oil Heat PLUS Energy Storage

 Solar Power 

Generating Clean Electricity 

Residential and Commercial

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We have a number of different options to help you with all of your heating & air-conditioning needs.

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Hot Water

Heating & Cooling

​Commercial Savings Opportunities

Professional Contractors dedicated to REDUCING your Energy Cost and

Helping OUR Environment.

Would you like to know more about Solar PV and EV Car Battery Chargers? 

A.G.Darrach Energy

Consulting and Energy Contracting

Home Measurements

Did you know that each person in your home consumes roughly $225 a year in hot water costs? Would you like to cut your costs by more than half?

Improve Comfort and SAVE

In addition to the monthly cleaning of your filters - Did you know that heat pumps should  be cleaned annually to avoid MOLD and help them run more efficiently?