Our Solar Package offers different solutions to fit YOUR NEEDS! 

All systems include:

*Measure your Solar  


*Whole Home Surge


*Rodent /Bird Wire Mesh


We will customize YOUR Energy Investment to YOUR NEEDS to help YOU invest wisely!

Solar PV - Photovoltaics Energy is HERE!

Intelligent Lithium Ion Battery Systems

LG Chem, PV Tech Solar Shingles, SMA Sunny Boy, Solar Edge

ENPHASE, Huawei Home Fusion, and Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada 

The PERFECT systems to use the SUN for energy during the day AND take advantage of Time of Day rates during the Off Peak - the lowest residential power rates available in Nova Scotia!


Rebate - The lessor of .85 a solar panel watt or

35% of pretax installation cost Maximum $8,500

Generate Power with High Performance Solar Panels  

Use - Store - or Sell back to the Utility OR ask about our 2000 W Secure Power System when the power goes out

HRM Solar City: Up to 10 years financing

available on your property tax bill!

Ask About REBATES from Efficiency Nova Scotia 

Up to $8,500!

Is your roof needing an upgrade first.

No Problem We can help you 

Metal or Asphalt!

Residential Solar Sample 

25 Year Energy Revenue     $60,000

Installed Price with HST      $27,000

ENSC Rebate LESS                 $  8,500

Net Energy Investment       $18,500

Financing Cost 10 years       $  4,000

Net Income over  25 Years  $37,500 !   ​

AGD Solar has already helped Nova Scotians earn over


in ENSC Solar Rebates!

A.G.Darrach Energy

Consulting and Energy Contracting