Heating and Cooling Units
Our authorized professional trades people work only with the BEST BRANDS from World Class Manufacturers. Our solutions depend on your current fuel source and style of home.


Home Measurements
You can not save what you cannot measure. AGD Home Energy Division will help you breakdown your energy costs today to give you realistic savings in dollars, not %.


Hot Water
As Hot Water costs can run over $200 per person per year, we have various options to help you cut costs down to $50 a person per year!


Where offered, we will help ensure you get your money. 


AGD team will complete an after installation site visit and ensure you are very familiar and comfortable with the installation.  We will show you how the systems works, like the remote control. Where applicable, we will ensure you have a great understanding on Time of Day rates - simply the BEST Electrical energy rate available for homes.



Improve Comfort and SAVE



I debated over the best testimonial to publish and that suddenly became an easy decision. If someone is trying to sell you something - they should have a long track record of actually using the product offering and know the real facts on home energy usage. They should be living the talk.  

I started in the home energy savings business in 1998 - starting with my own home. I was tired of paying for higher energy costs to the oil and utility companies. I tried messy wood,  which was a very comfortable heat, but this came with risks and higher insurance rates. As I grew older, the  less I enjoyed hauling wood during a snow storm at -20 C.

When my oil tank leaked and the mess and insurance claims were completed, I moved to an electric central heating system. Low initial purchase cost but still had the same inefficiency of a central heating system with non-insulated duct work.  

My electric bills were over $4000 for my 2300 square foot 1963 bungalow - same price as oil but much cleaner and no oil tank. My first step was to add an electric thermal storage unit in the basement in order to enjoy the BEST power rates available - over 20% reduction for the year. I soon realized I could SAVE MORE and added Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) to the upstairs - AGAIN - my bill dropped by an ADDITIONAL 20% - and I was MUCH MORE comfortable with the ETS - The warmth of a wood stove, without the work and the mess!

My next step was to add the Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump to my home to get further ENERGY SAVINGS at SUPER RATES! 

If you are paying more than a $1.00 in energy costs per square foot, the AGD Home ENERGY Combo system is the BEST solution to protect your home from the ever increasing energy costs and help the environment at the same time. 


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Time of Day Rates are a great way to help keep our Green Trees and Blue Skies by using Energy Wisely - WITHOUT changing your Lifestyle

Conserve Energy to Save $

Store Energy to get the BEST Rates! 

Enjoy Comfort while

Saving $ and the Environment

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