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Would you like to save money for your Commercial Hot Water needs or for your Drying requirements - we have the ENERGY SAVINGS solutions!

Nyle Hot Water Systems has a long history in heat pump solutions. We were one of the early pioneers in heat pump water heating in Canada and the USA.

Nyle is manufactured in Brewer Maine - They know Atlantic Canada's climate! 

Water heating is one of the largest uses of energy at home and in many commercial and industrial situations as well. Water is heated in various ways, most of them not very energy efficient. Heat pump water heating is recognized as the most energy and cost efficient way to heat water. That is where Nyle focuses.

As with all of our products, when you buy a Nyle Heat Pump Water Heater, you buy a quality product. We pride ourselves on our service and support.

A. G. Darrach Energy is an authorized agent for Nyle Systems:

  • Residential & Commercial Hot Water and Wasted Heat Recovery Systems
  • Food Dehydrators and Drying
  • Lumber Kiln Drying
  • Cannabis Drying, Curing and Extraction
  • Hemp Drying

Using Heat Pump Technology for Quality and Savings

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​Nyle - Since 1978 - Manufactured in Brewer Maine

Improve the quality of your food production or crop by:

  1. ​Drying at lower temperatures in order to help improve the quality, taste and appearance of your product.
  2. Reduce - Eliminate the chance of mold, mildew and bugs by drying your product evenly - every time.
  3. Dry in HALF the time​ - Less Inventory and Space required or Double your production.
  4. Save up to 60% on Energy Costs by using Heat Pump Technology. 

A.G. Darrach Energy Solutions will help you choose the correct Energy Solution for your requirements and budget. 

Preliminary Energy Audit for Heat Pump technology and sizing will be provided at no cost.

There may be a charge for Commercial & Industrial site visits and custom work such as Energy Recovery systems with our Engineering Partners.

Financing on larger jobs is an option.