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To help ensure a successful Solar PV Roof Installation - You want to ensure you have a great roof that will last for many decades. The Solar Panels will help extend your roof's life but ......

Simply - it is not cheap if you have to replace your roof shingles down the road.  

Plan now before Installing. 

As a very general, very broad guideline - if your shingles look good, not curling or blowing off and they are under 10 years you may be okay HOWEVER not all shingles are of the same quality and there is no real test to predict there true life cycle.

Although we use professional roofers for the installation of the panels and railing to ensure they are secure and do not leak , even they cannot confirm 100% the life span.

If you would like a FREE quote on long lasting METAL roof, we wil be happy to assist. We also would be able to complete the railing at the same time to help keep down the cost of a second trip. Sorry - we do not install Asphalt.