The power of WiFi - The Future is here!

Control your baseboards over the internet - anywhere in the world or at home from your smart phone or tablet.

Easy to program!

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Do you have a family of 4 or more ? 

Would you like to know how to hook

up a Heat Pump for your Domestic

Hot Water Tank and SAVE $?

Would you like to calculate your heat consumption?

Oil Cost:

If you are paying more than:

0.42 cents for a Litre of Oil

It is time to consider Heat Pump Technology & Time of Day Rates for your Room/Central Heating needs or for Heating your Hot Water!

Thinking about a Heat Pump?

Let Rex take a CHOMP

out of your High Energy Costs!

A.G.Darrach Energy

Consulting and Energy Contracting

Use the NSPI calculator to check

out how much it cost to run items

in your house like a stove, hot tub, TV, just to name a few.