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Use the NSPI calculator to check

out how much it cost to run items

in your house like a stove, hot tub, TV, just to name a few.

Do you have a family of 4 or more ? 

Would you like to know how to hook

up a Heat Pump for your Domestic

Hot Water Tank and SAVE $?

Let Rex take a CHOMP

out of your High Energy Costs!

Would you like to calculate your heat consumption?

The power of WiFi - The Future is here!

Control your baseboards over the internet - anywhere in the world or at home from your smart phone or tablet.

Easy to program!

Oil Cost:

If you are paying more than:

0.42 cents for a Litre of Oil

It is time to consider Heat Pump Technology & Time of Day Rates for your Room/Central Heating needs or for Heating your Hot Water!

Thinking about a Heat Pump?

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