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How do I calculate my energy cost per square foot?

A.G. Darrach Home Energy will visit your home and give you a FREEEnergy Savings Estimate and Installation Quote LESS available Rebates

Divide your total energy cost by your square footage - for example

If you paid $3600 last year and you have two floors of 900 square feet or 1800 square feet.

Your cost per square foot is $3600/1800' = $2.00 

Do you want to know How to Save Energy?

If you would like to take a CHOMP out of your Oil Heating or Electric Bills in HALF, AGD proudly installs  the AGD Combo Home Energy Solution with Local Professional Trades persons from your area.

AGD Home Energy Division will give you a report on the potential your home

has to save $ - not just percentages.

Improve Comfort and Save

Add up your energy bills, such as your electric bill, oil, wood or propane for a year or use an estimate based on your budget billing. If Electric heat, use the calculator below  to assist. 

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Ductless Heat Pumps are a GREAT solution for Nova Scotia BUT that is only 1/2 of your savings potential!

Contact us to see how we can unleash your FULL SAVINGS potential, improve your heating and cooling comfort, with no lifestyle changes 

with easy payments 

Calculate the total square footage of all your floors that receive some heat.

Are you paying more than a $1.00 per square foot for your total home energy cost?

AGD Energy uses the Energy Cost per Square Foot method to estimate your potential savings. This is the best method to see how your home is doing compared to other energy homes of all sizes and age.

My 1963 Bungalow uses$1.06 of total energy per square foot - How are you doing?

Try our Free Energy Calculator to see your potential home energy savings!

Would you like to get a more free detail report of your energy savings potential and installation cost?

AGD Home Energy Division will complete a FREE Home Audit review of your power bills and supply you a report on where and how you can save on energy.